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How Does Live Online Roulette Work?

When playing a game of roulette in a live online casino, or live roulette on mobile, it is not against RNG (random number generator) software like in a traditional virtual casino. In fact, we even play with other players from different countries of the world.

Via a streaming video stream, you can watch the action live on your computer screen:

  • The croupier who spins the wheel
  • Throws the ball
  • Calls and collects the bets
  • Pays the winnings, etc.

So, a gambler is just like playing in an on-land casino, except that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, from your hotel room, in a waiting room, at the office. Anywhere you want to relax you can enjoy these live dealer online casino games.

Additional Functions of Casino Live Roulette Online

Live online roulette games have a chat function. This means that everyone is able to converse with the dealer or the other players throughout the game. If you are a green carpet lover, then you are familiar with those informal conversations we all have at a roulette table in a casino.

Now you can do it from your couch. We obviously don't have to cut the fat off with anyone, but it's always nice to share your experience with others, or even to spread your adrenaline. Knowing that players can come from halfway around the world, it can be really interesting, and a great way to have fun while playing roulette.

Live dealer roulette games are usually scheduled at specific times. For most live online casinos, you can participate in live roulette games from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day, or all day on weekends. However, it is obviously wise to check with the site of your choice.

It is also important to take a look at the features offered by the casino before getting into live online roulette. Some offer several different views of the casino where the action is located (for some live online casinos, the game takes place live from a real casino, for others, the action takes place from a studio), the croupier, the wheel, the table, etc.

Online live roulette games are simply a lot of fun and adrenaline. These are ideal comes for those who enjoy the real game.

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